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Ka'a'awa K9 Rescue

"Every dog deserves a chance to live a full, happy life, no matter how neglected, abused, or hurt they may be."

Michelle Cooley, Ka'a'awa K9 Rescue Founder and President

Limitless Pacific recently had the opportunity to do a photoshoot with Ka'a'awa K9 Rescue on the east side of Oahu. Our goal with this photoshoot was to publicize the tireless efforts of their volunteers, and highlight all the amazing things they have been able to accomplish with their rescued dogs.

Ka'a'awa K9's rescue dogs and volunteers

Ka'a'awa K9 Rescue is a non-profit rescue organization founded in 2015 in Ka'a'awa, Oahu. They specialize in rescuing dogs who are severely abused, neglected, and abandoned, focusing their efforts on the Windward (east) side of the island. They work extremely hard to rehabilitate and find loving homes for the animals they rescue.

Ka'a'awa K9 responds to abuse and neglect distress calls daily, and assist in all phases of canine rescue regardless of breed. They are the only no kill shelter on the Windward side; founder and president Michelle Cooley believes that every dog deserves a chance to live a full, happy life, no matter how neglected, abused, or hurt it is. No animal in dire need of rescue is ever turned away.

One of the many dogs Ka'a'awa has been able to help

Overbreeding and unaffordable vet care on the island has been the underlying cause of rising numbers of abandoned animals on the island. Ka'a'awa K9 Rescue has pioneered multiple low-income and canine hunter community programs that advocate responsible animal ownership, as well as the spaying/neutering of animals. They partner with numerous Veterinary clinics to provide affordable vet care to a large number of communities from Kailua to the North Shore. Ka'a'awa K9 Rescue believes that with proper mentoring, education, and affordable medical care, the acute problem of thousands of abused and abandoned animals on the island can be solved.

To see dogs available for adoption or to support their mission, visit

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