This business started with a single GoPro. As avid divers in Hawaii, we wanted to share the amazing things we saw underwater that most people never get a chance to see. A GoPro was naturally the first and easiest solution, but we quickly realized it couldn't quite capture all of the amazing views that we were seeing. 

Diving headfirst into underwater photography, we realized the joy of taking pictures that showed people doing what they loved. The ocean is filled with people who share a passion for diving, and we started focusing on trying to capture their adventures on film (or at least an SD card). Along the way we've had the opportunity to work with and learn from great photographers both underwater and on land, allowing us to practice a wide variety of skills. We're passionate about taking this experience and bringing our client's visions to life.

Our goal is simple; we want to tell your story in a unique way. We like working with natural light, challenging shoot locations, and outgoing personalities. Whether you're looking to do family portraits, show off your local business, or take some cool underwater pictures with a turtle, we want to come along on your adventure. 

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Steven Apsley



Steven Apsley is a certified divemaster and US Army Officer stationed in Hawaii. He has spent the past few years honing his skills as an underwater photographer, looking to introduce more people to the beautiful world under the ocean. He spends his free time diving, exploring the Hawaiian islands, and playing with his two dogs. He is also the creator of Oahu Dive Guide (an online resource for diving information in Hawaii).




Jennifer Alshemary is a SCUBA diver and avid lover of anything outdoors. She's been SCUBA diving since she was a kid and loves spending her free time in the water. An all-around adventurer, Jenn can be found hiking, exploring, kayaking, or engaged in some other fun outdoor sport when she's not diving. 

Luis Mendizabal



Luis a tech enthusiast, gamer, dog owner, basketball and tennis player and of course, a camera nerd!  He love to talk gear and explore all the latest gadgets and gizmos. Luis has always had a passion for photography, even as a kid and into my teenage years.  His favorite form of photography is still the same thing that got him into photography in the first place - landscape and wildlife photography.

Katrina Mendizabal



Katrina is a musician, lover of the outdoors, traveler, and of course, an aspiring mermaid. Katrina have always been good at bossing people around and letting people know what she thinks, so she is a natural fit for creative director.  Before joining Limitless Pacific, Luis and Katrina worked as a tag team, with Luis taking photos and Katrina handling the posing. Katrina is great at bringing client ideas to life, getting to know everyone on a personal level.


We're serious when we say we love a challenge. If you have a concept or idea you want to bring to life, let us know!

We go out of our way to make every portrait special and unique. We offer flexible scheduling, location selection, and shooting options.

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Want to share your adventures with the world? Invite us along on your next outing and we'll capture the moment as you do amazing things.

Oahu Yoga Session


Are you an underwater photographer or videographer looking for something that stands out? We can anchor props to the ocean floor (and bring them back up of course) so you can create your own underwater world

Steven Apsley

Great photos can really make your business stand out from the competition. Whether you are looking for compelling advertising photos or want to showcase your brand, we can help you get that perfect photography.


Underwater photography requires skill, special equipment, and a lot of practice. Let us do the hard work for you so you can focus on exploring the ocean or living your mermaid dreams.