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Community Diversity Series: Chelsey Sjolie

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

“I’m not a stagnant person. I’m the type of person that when I master something I need to go to the next level, next step.”

Meet Chelsey Sjolie. A Filipino Norwegian powerhouse woman who shared with us her story of determination and perseverance.

Chelsey took a waitress job at The Beach House by 604 and decided she wanted to be the most knowledgeable waitress in the restaurant. She quickly moved up to a bartending position, where she began to implement more effective procedures and policies that grew the business. It didn’t take long for the owners to take notice and they quickly promoted her to restaurant manager.

She is compassionate yet holds steady to high standards and expectations. She prides herself on strong leadership. She pays attention to detail and works tirelessly. The owners of the 604 restaurants agreed with this. Yesterday, after only two years, Chelsey was promoted to the General Manager of Restaurant 604, an achievement than can take up to ten years!

In a field that is generally run by men, being a women there is no easy task.

When asked what keeps her going, she laughed and said, “Rough waters make great sailors.”

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